“Learn How To Get Your ED/WOSB Certification And Win Up To $4 Million In Contracts!” 

EDWOSB Full Kit and Bonuses2

From the Desk of Abe Xiong,

President at Government Contractors Academy

Hey Friend, 

You came to this site because you were hoping to win some contracts for your company. You didn’t want to miss out on the enormous set-aside opportunities afforded to woman-owned businesses. So naturally, you want to get your ED/WOSBcertification. Did you know that less than 1% of ALL women-owned businesses have their ED/WOSB Certification?  By getting your certification, you play in a private league.  You eliminate 99% of ALL your competitors.  Now, let me tell you more….

After working with lots of woman-owned businesses for many years, I know how annoying it can be to get certified. How do you know which forms to fill? Where to send them? How to get registered in different databases?  Sometimes, we don’t even know what we don’t know.  And sometimes, we don’t know how to get started.

Before I tell you how to get started, let me give you 3 reasons why you should get certified.

  • Win set-aside federal contracts worth up to $4 million each
  • Win projects with large prime companies, who must subcontract 5% of projects to ED/WOSB companies
  • Your competition is EXTREMELY limited since less than 1% of all women-owned business are certified

So, how would you like to have your ED/WOSB Certification without having to waste precious time trying to find all the right forms, the right registration portals, and put them in the right order?  If this sounds like you, this letter will change your life just like it did to this woman below.

Let me tell you about Sumi Krishnan who have been very successful in the government market.  Here’s what Inc. Magazine wrote about her.

“Sumi Krishnan was just 19 years old when she entered the competitive federal contracting market. Today, her company regularly lands multi-million dollar contracts to provide help desk support, network engineering support, video teleconferencing, and data management services for Air Force bases and other agencies, including the Pentagon. Recently, the company was awarded a contract to oversee office automation and military personnel administration support for the 88th Communications Group at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, one of the nation’s largest military installations.”

– Source: USASpending.com | Inc. Magazine

By having the right certifications – including the ED/WOSB Certification – Sumi won over $72 million in prime contracts.  If you’re inspired by Sumi, and you want to get your ED/WOSB Certification, without wasting time and money, keep reading and I’ll show you how to get your certification. The right certifications changed Sumi’s life; it can change yours too.

I have something that will save hours of your time – so you can focus on running your business, and winning government contracts. I created for you The ED/WOSB Self-Certification Kit.  This comprehensive kit will help you get either your WOSB or EDWOSB Certification.   Don’t worry we’ll talk about the differences in just a minute.

Your ED/WOSB Self-Certification Kit is a robust tool that will help you quickly get certified. The kit comes with ALL the forms you’ll need to get certified, a step-by-step guide and checklist for tracking your progress – all perfectly packaged for your convenience.

Your ED/WOSB Self-Certification Kit is a full-complete kit with every document you need to get certified quickly.  It comes with these ten items

  • ED/WOSB Certification Step-By-Step Guide
  • ED/WOSB Checklist
  • SBA GLS Repository Guide
  • SAM.gov Registration Guide
  • SAM.gov Migration From CCR To SAM Guide
  • 83 NAICS Code Qualification List
  • Form A: Transcript Request
  • Form B: WOSB Application
  • Form C: EDWOSB Application
  • Form D: Personal Financial Statement

The Checklist And Step-By-Step Guide will show you…

4 Steps to Getting Self-Certified 

Those are…

  • STEP 1) Qualification: We’ll go over all the qualification requirements
  • STEP 2) Preparation: We’ll guide you step-by-step with a checklist to gather all your documents
  • STEP 3) Registration: We’ll show you how to get registered in the governmet databases
  • STEP 4) Submission: We’ll guide you on submitting your documents

From this, you’ll learn:

  • How to meet all the mandatory qualifications for the program
  • How to find your NAICS codes
  • How to register in SAM and GLS
  • How to prepare, scan and submit your documents in an easy, effortless way

2 Free Bonsuses

Take Action Now! And You Get 2 FREE BONUS REPORTS! 

BONUS #1: 20 Point Contract Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for government contracting? This 20 Point Contract Readiness Assessment will help you to; find your corporate weaknesses, see where you can improve and how to fix your problem areas. Take this assessment to find out what you’re missing, so you can win government contracts.


BONUS #2: The 3 Most Powerful Web Portals For Finding Government Contracts

In this report, you’ll learn how to find federal, state and local projects. You learn how to use 3 totally free portals to help you access more government contracts. You can even set the system to automatically send you an email with potential projects.

These 2 BONUSES alone are WORTH OVER $300!

But believe me, the ED/WOSB Self-Certification Kit and 2 BONUSES will get you closer to…

Winning Your First Government Contract

Here’s why. Every year, the US Government awards over $513 billion to commercial companies. Of that, $25.6 billion (or 5%) of this money is set-aside for women-owned businesses. Historically, the US Government hasn’t met this set-aside goal because there aren’t enough qualified, ED/WOSB companies pursuing contracts.

By having your ED/WOSB Certification, you’re eligible to win contracts within the $25.6 billion pool…which means you’re closer to winning your first contract. After all, why lose time when the government has million dollar opportunities just waiting for you?  The ED/WOSB Self-Certification Kit will speed up the process, save you money and give you BONUS material as you get started in winning contracts.

Check out Alia from North Carolina, who got her EDWOSB Certifications in only a few weeks. 


EDWOSB Full Kit and Bonuses2

So Anyway, Why Would I Offer You ALL This?

Two reasons:

First, as a business coach and trainer, here at the Academy, I genuinely love helping business owners.  This type of thing is what I do best, and it makes me very happy to help women-owned businesses succeed at winning government contracts.

Also, I get a lot of women-business owners asking me, “How do I get certified?” After helping multiple women get certified, I thought it would be easier to just create a kit. This saves me time and helps more business owners.

Let me help you get certified with this kit.  I’m confident that if you follow the instructions, your business will get certified. And if you don’t get certified, I will refund you 100% of your money back. Just give me a call.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If you meet the SBA requirements, we guarantee that you will obtain your WOSB & EDWOSB Certification through our kit.  If you do not obtain your certification for ANY REASONS, we will help you to find out why, overcome those obstacles or we’ll REFUND 100% of your money back.

AND YOU CAN EVEN KEEP YOUR 2 BONUSES WORTH OVER $300! Now, obviously this is an amazing offer, which you’ll probably never see anywhere else. Who else would do this? Nobody. (I checked.)

But let me give you a fair warning…

This Kit Is NOT For Everybody: Here’s Who It’s For…

U.S. regulation states that you must meet specific criteria to qualify into the ED/WOSB program. Before we move forward, let’s see which certification program you qualify for:

Q1 – Q6 is for applicants seeking the WOSB Certification

  • Q1: 51% owned by one or more females and is/are also US citizens.
  • Q2: One of the 51% owner(s) holds the highest Position in the company.
  • Q3: The above female is the highest paid person in the company.
  • Q4: The above female works full time in the company.
  • Q5: The above female has justifiable experience in the industry to manage the company.
  • Q6: The company is considered a small business based on the SBA’s size standard. (see NAICS chart here: www.tinyurl.com/edwosb)

Q7-Q9 is for applicants seeking the EDWOSB Certification (must also meet Q1 – Q6)

  • Q7: The EDWOSB applicant(s), individually, has net worth of less than $750,000. (Exclude equity of primary residence, funds invested in IRA/retirement accounts, and value of the company.)
  • Q8: The EDWOSB applicant(s), individually, has AGI (adjusted gross income), on average for the last 3 years, of not more than $350,000
  • Q9: The EDWOSB applicant(s), individually, has total assets valued at less than $6 million. (Exclude long term IRA/retirement accounts.)

These are the main criteria you need to meet to move forward. We’ll have more details for you in the kit. But let me warn you about something else… NOTE: Of these two certifications, the EDWOSB Certification is the better program.


Time is of the Essence!

With each day that passes, more woman-business owners are discovering the ED/WOSB Certification. Each day, these businesses are getting certified. More competition is expected in the future. It is important to get certified early. Those who get certified early are taking advantage of the $25.6 billion set aside for woman-businesses – that’s $70,000,000 awarded every day.

Beat out your competition. Get your company certified quickly and easily through this kit.

Here’s What I Want You To Do

If you meet the criteria above, and you want to win government contracts, and get access to your COMPREHENSIVE KIT which includes…

  • ED/WOSB Certification Step-By-Step Guide
  • ED/WOSB Checklist
  • SBA GLS Repository Guide
  • SAM.gov Registration Guide
  • SAM.gov Migration From CCR To SAM Guide
  • 83 NAICS Code Qualification List
  • Form A: Transcript Request
  • Form B: WOSB Application
  • Form C: EDWOSB Application
  • Form D: Personal Financial Statement


  • BONUS # 1: 20 Point Contract Readiness Assessment
  • BONUS # 2: The 3 Most Powerful Web Portals For Finding Government Contracts

EDWOSB Full Kit and Bonuses2

I’ve made this kit available to you. You get instant access to ALL these valuable tools and resources for $399.

But for a limited time, I’m making this kit available for…

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